Study: Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Effective vs COVID Variants

As I stated when this study came out, I am very glad I got the single shot Johnson & Johnson (J & J) vaccine in March 2021.

As the New York Times now points out, a new study shows the vaccine is very effective versus all variants of the COVID-19 virus. The thing that caught my eye from the study is the J & J vaccine’s impact is long-lasting enough that recipients may not need a booster shot at all.

A single dose of the Covid-19 vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson is highly effective in preventing severe illness and death from the Delta and Beta variants of the coronavirus, data from a clinical trial in South Africa suggest.

The study is the first real-world test of the vaccine’s efficacy against Delta, a highly contagious variant of the virus surging across the United States and much of the world. South Africa’s Ministry of Health reported these preliminary results at a news conference on Friday. The data have not yet been peer-reviewed or published in a scientific journal.

In the trial, called Sisonke, the researchers evaluated one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in nearly 500,000 health care workers, who are at high risk of Covid-19. The vaccine has an efficacy of up to 95 percent against death from the Delta variant, and up to 71 percent against hospitalization, the researchers reported. (The vaccine did slightly worse against the Beta variant, which is thought to be more adept at sidestepping the immune response than Delta.)

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