Sunday Morning Links – July 4, 2021

Our Sunday Morning Links have been curated for your weekend reading here on NoVA Pundit with stories on COVID-19, Virginia gas tax & more.

While the U.S. media frequently look the other way at President Joe Biden’s verbal and intellectual foibles, foreign media have questioned the president’s mental acuity.

A steep rise in vaccination rates has dropped COVID-19 from the first to the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, a new analysis shows.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who Biden administration officials continue to defend, is claiming the Delta variant “spreads more efficiently” and that unvaccinated individuals are most at risk for serious illness or death.  Is he right?

Did you know that last year Virginia’s tax on gasoline increased 5 cents per gallon, on July 1, 2020, from 24.4 cents to 29.4 cents? The gas tax has increased 40% in one year.

Newly unveiled documents from Virginia’s Loudoun County Public Schools show the district paid more than $34,000 for 55 hours of critical race theory coaching last year and slides contrasting “White Individualism” with “Color Group Collectivism.”

You know we have crossed a fiscal Rubicon when a presidential administration does not attempt to justify its spending, instead simply claiming that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Americans must now welcome with joy and gratitude any spending bill, no matter how big, frivolous, or cronyist.

The better than expected June jobs report indicates the policies of Republican-led states are helping speed the recovery.